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• Friday, March 26th, 2010

Dear Members,

Question of the week is How do we have access to international social networking without speaking the language? What are the options out there?

My first suggestion is that you find out why you would be joining them? Different social network sites offer different options. For example, Facebook has an international feature which allows members to see the info on their own language and has presence in many countries.

Brazil for example has its own social networking site which is orkut (by Google). Very hard to find people there, but the site allows foreigner to see the tools and info in English, but the posts remain in their original language.

Twitter and Skype also have presence in foreign countries and the language barrier is resolved depending on where you join them.

I think if joining social networking sites in other countries for business, you should try to learn your way around the site and try to use its tools to better serve you. If the need is personal, maybe make friends or a child looking for a penpal, be careful and explore the info on the people who add you as a friend, because scams are out there everywhere!

Language barrier is another question. The majority of sites offer US only search which will separate English speakers/US users from other users or it will allow you to search for friends who are in that category as well.

I have joined many sites to share my business and find relatives and friends in Brazil, but I must confess, I am still trying to use those sites on my best interest.


Claudia Krusch