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• Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Dear Members,

I had decided by Christmas time that I wanted to loose 15 pounds, going back to 120 pounds! Having no time to fit a gym in my schedule and I have decided to accomplish that at home, so I armed myself with a treadmill which will arrive next week, weight watcher’s cookbooks and music!

You might be wondering what this has to do with foreign languages….well…..since they are a part of my life, I have decided to look for Latin and Brazilian tunes to spice up my workout sessions.

I wanted to suggest this to readers who, like me, have a weight loss resolution and also enjoy foreign music.

My choices are Jorge Ben Jor – “Do Leme ao Pontal” from an Acustico Album ( he recorded an old hit from Tim Maia in a more upbeat version, really fun!) I could not find the video with Jorge Ben Jor, but I’m sure you will be able to download the tune to your mp3.

“Skank” – on the same cd – “Saideira”……Priceless….

I also included “que hiciste” from Jennifer Lopez and “Conga” from Gloria Estefan.

There is nothing better than Latin Music to spice up your work out. I hope you enjoy my suggestions and I will see you all in 2009!


Claudia Krusch

P. 856-848-8870

• Saturday, August 09th, 2008

Dear Members,

I have decided to add this song, which is very interesting, melody is upbeat but the words bring a very strong feeling of rabia, hate….

I used this song in Spanish Classes to teach Past Tense; music is a great tool to bring the foreign language closer to students, I would highly recommend if you haven’t used it!

The video is really interesting, I hope you enjoy it!



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Claudia Krusch

CK Translations LLC