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• Saturday, July 05th, 2008

Dear Members,

We have happily agreed to host an exchange student from Spain this summer. When my husband and I agreed, we had no idea how amazing the experience would be!

The idea of having a foreign child in your home, who usually doesn’t speak the language spoken in the household and has our culture and environment as a whole new world to explore, made us rethink our values and appreciate more our lives and culture.

Amazing moments such as when he saw a squirrel for the first time in his life or when he made a yucky face to peanut butter; see him hugging my son as a brother and have him by my side 24/7 because I’m the only person in the household who really speaks his language, has been to his country and understands his fears and anxiety….all those moments make the experience priceless for a family and for the children in the household.

I must confess my only dilemma is use the Spanish to help him, when I’m really not helping him because he is here to learn English….

I wanted to share our experience with other parents who might be searching for feedback from parents who had done it.

I strongly encourage parents to do it!!!


Claudia Krusch

CK Translations LLC